:: Who Said It'll Be Alright? ::

詞: 洪璽開
曲: 陳品先
編曲: 陳品先
收錄專輯: 小房間以外的事

Well I’m wondering if the world is still turning

Cause I feel all stuck in this lifeless eternity

The sound of your voice is mute in the airflow

I’m left along here, no way to be out

We’ve been counting the days in numbers and sunrises

Try out best to pretend we’re strong enough to protect

That’s when we wonder if the world’s too hard on us

Or we really fail them, again and again

What I want is not what I need

All the things I held tight inside just came out all wrong

What I feel, don’t mean anything to me

Like I’m finally let out loud

But not even be found

And you said it’ll be alright?

Will lend me your words that I’m too tough to say

Will you show me the light cause I can’t find the way

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