:: My Vintage Style ::

詞: 洪璽開
曲: 洪璽開
編曲: 陳品先
收錄專輯: 小房間以外的事

Something’s wrong with me today

I hung up the phone and fell asleep again

Now I can’t even remember you name your name your name

My brain is shortly disconnected
You say my vintage style is no fashion

It’s only an aging process and nothing more

All my high school heroes are now in their sunset so sad

What do you expect me for?
But it’s not the thing that I’m worried

I just don’t feel the need to be hurried

When I start to sing you can’t help but listen

You can feel what I feel
Maybe I’m older but could it be something wrong?

I’m still rock and rolling, stealing the show

Maybe I’ll be bald but how about you now?

Young in the body but with rust in the soul

I love to try anything but not too digital

I can still dance like a young lad but with some cracks in the bones

You IT solution will never be my salvation salvation

The cloud computing is clouding me

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