:: Distance ::

詞: 洪璽開
曲: 游睿威、陳品先
編曲: 陳品先
收錄專輯: 小房間以外的事

What are you waiting for when words are lost.

As you come across this corner of hope.

A city of loneliness has been blown with falling leaves.

As you refuse to live out their dreams.
Step on soulless path you feel secure.

Thorns under you feet spur you on while you’re pushing through.

You’re bleeding and your heart beating and that’s the perfect cure.

You’re hoping, dreaming this won’t suffer for long.

So keep your head high, not bending down

You might lose focus for world is spinning round

Don’t know if this’d work out

At least you scream and shout

Your feet high off the ground

Across the distance the distance
I try to breathe in what you know

I try to reach the deepest of my soul

I’ll close my eyes to run a distance a distance a distance……

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